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Emergency AC Repair in Florida

24/7 AC Service in Miami, Jacksonville & Tampa

In order to stay comfortable in Florida, you absolutely need your air conditioning system to be reliable, strong, and efficient. And when something goes wrong, all of that heat and humidity comes pouring right in, turning your comfortable home into a sauna in no time at all. When that happens, you need the attention of a superior service team—one that can meet your needs at all times.

For complete emergency AC repair and air conditioner support services, you can trust the professionals at Solar Bear! Our trained and certified HVAC contractors are always here and ready to help you keep your cool in Miami-Dade, Hillsborough, and Duval counties. Whether you need a late-evening repair or a service contractor that can help you on weekends, we’re the professionals you can always count on.

Need emergency AC repair? Call our team now!

24-Hour Emergency Cooling Services in Florida

Our service teams take your comfort and needs as our top priority, arriving promptly and prepared to offer a swift and accurate repair solution. No matter how simple or complex your system’s problem may be, whether a drop in performance or a complete breakdown, we carry the experience and tools necessary to get the job done right, done on time, and in the way that suits your particular system the best.

When to Call for Emergency Air Conditioner Service

It’s entirely reasonable to call for emergency repair services any time that you are uncomfortable, or otherwise concerned about the performance of your system. That said, there are particular situations that always warrant an emergency response. These include:

  • Loud or strange sounds. In most situations, a cooling system that is making persistent or unusual sounds is experiencing an issue that involves damaged or loose components. This is potentially a very big problem if left alone, as damaged parts can easily compromise the entire cooling system!
  • Electrical issues. Electrical problems like flickering lights or frequent breaker trips can be quite scary. These can be very hazardous to deal with, so we recommend shutting the unit down completely and calling for service right away.
  • Uneven or weak cooling. In Florida, a system working at sub-par levels might as well be not working at all. If your home is too humid, too hot, or your cooling is spotty and uneven, it’s time to call a service professional.
  • Water or refrigerant leaks. Leaks can be caused by many potential issues, though most relate to the refrigerant system or restrictions in air flow. To avoid further damage to the system, and to avoid water damage to your home, call on Solar Bear as soon as possible.

Emergency AC Repair Technicians in Florida

At Solar Bear, we pledge to never compromise the quality of our service, no matter the time of day or day of the week! We’re the service professionals you can count on at all times, and you’ll never experience less than friendly, knowledgeable service when you reach out to us.

Call our emergency service technicians now to get 24-hour emergency AC repair in Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville!

Customer Testimonials

“I used Solar Bear to replace my old unit for a brand new Lennox. The service was performed successfully, their staff was courteous…”

“Solar Bear and Ramon Jiron made my emergency ac install in rental property happen same day! After two much higher quotes…”

“My experience was great they are very professional and respective towards their customers. They explained everything to me and…”

“This company was uber professional. They wore booties and use tarps to make sure my home was protected. That really impressed me.”

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