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Zone Control Systems

You can make many types of upgrades to your home that will reduce the cost of your heating and cooling bills. You can install new insulation, upgrade your existing heating or cooling systems, or add high efficiency filtration systems to reduce indoor contaminants without compromising airflow. However, one method is both affordable and highly effective and you can have it installed relatively easily.

A South Florida zone control system allows you to divide your home into distinct zones that each have their own thermostat and can be monitored and maintained separately from the rest of your home. Solar Bears offers a full range of zone control system installation, maintenance and repair services so give us a call today to discuss your options.

Zone Control System Benefits in Miami and Sunrise

There are many reasons why a zone control system is a good fit for your home. First, they save you money. Because zone control is a relatively inexpensive upgrade, the savings offered are significant.

By breaking your home into several distinct zones, you make it possible to only heat or cool the areas of your home that you are in currently. Right now, for example, when you turn on your heating system, it distributes heat to every room with a vent, including the upstairs, which is probably empty most of the day. With a zone control system, you can set the upstairs as a single zone and turn off the heat there whenever you are not in it.

At the same time, a zone control system in Weston or other South Florida areas is also a luxury. Imagine being in the kitchen, working over a hot stove to make dinner and having the heat on, turning an already hot kitchen into a standing oven. With a zone control system, you can separate active spaces from inactive spaces. Meaning, places where people move around like the kitchen can be set cooler than places where they sit and read or watch TV like the living room.

Having a Zone Control System Installed in Fort Lauderdale

If you decide a zone control system is a good fit for your home, the installation process is relatively simple. Your air handler will need a few minor upgrades, and new thermostats will be installed for each of the zones in your home. Regular maintenance is recommended to test the system and its various electronic components, but in all it can be done in a single day and the cost will be offset within a year or two by your energy savings.

If you are ready to learn more about how a South Florida zone control system can save you money, now is the time to contact Solar Bear. Our trained technicians are ready to discuss the benefits of having one and the options available to your home.

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