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UV Light

Ultra violet technology has been in use for many years in commercial settings like institutions and hospitals.

UV lamps are found throughout North America, but in South Florida they are particularly useful. The reason UV lights are more useful in Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or any South Florida location is because of the extreme humidity.

When high humidity conditions are found, mold, algae and bacteria have a more favorable growth environment. The evaporator coil in an air conditioning unit is saturated with water during the cooling cycle. In fact the entire cabinet where the evaporator is located is usually in an extreme humidity condition. Combined with that, the air circulating through the system contains food for mold and algae (dirt). Though the air is filtered, small particles make it past the filter and end up on the wet surfaces in the air handler. The conditions are perfect for the growth of algae, bacteria and mold.

A UV light can control the growth of these unwanted agents. UV light penetrates the agents and exposes them to extreme oxidation. In short, they cannot survive expose to UV light.

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