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Central Heating Maintenance in Jacksonville & Tampa, Florida

With such a short heating season in Jacksonville and Tampa, your furnace or heat pump will last for many years with superior heating maintenance services from Solar Bear. Our team is highly experienced in keeping your natural gas furnace or heat pump in tiptop shape to ensure maximum performance when you need it most.

When you need heating system maintenance for your Florida home, contact the contractor Jacksonville and Tampa residents trust most. Contact Solar Bear today for efficient, top-quality heating maintenance.

What Is HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) maintenance is vital to keeping your cooling and heating system running at peak output and energy efficiency. HVAC systems contain a lot of moving parts prone to wear and tear. Dirt and debris also enter the system, causing damage to your system if left unchecked.

When you call Solar Bear, our trained technicians will work through a comprehensive HVAC preventative maintenance checklist designed to keep your furnace operating perfectly for years to come.

Interested in scheduling preventative maintenance for your heating system in Jacksonville or Tampa? Call Solar Bear today at 305-863-1830.

What’s Involved in Furnace Maintenance?

A heating system that’s not maintained will cause you to pay more on energy bills, spend more money on repairs, and reduce the lifespan of your system. A Solar Bear technician who visits your home to conduct furnace maintenance will provide the following services:

  • Check the quality of the filters and change if needed
  • Clean system component
  • Lubricate bearings and other moving parts
  • Examine belts for wear and tear, alignment, and tension
  • Tighten all connections
  • Examine thermostat function and system controls
  • Examine heat exchanger for cracks
  • Clean burner assembly
  • Clean blower motor
  • Evaluate entire system performance and look for potential trouble spots

At Solar Bear, our technicians take the necessary time to go over your heating system with a fine-tooth comb to find and repair minor problems before they become a costly headache. When you make furnace maintenance a part of your home-maintenance regimen, you can rest assured that your HVAC system will work at peak capacity.

Call Solar Bear today at 305-863-1830 to schedule preventative maintenance for your heating system in Jacksonville or Tampa.

How Often Should An HVAC System Receive Service?

Although some systems may only require an annual checkup, most central air HVAC systems require a maintenance visit before the cooling and heating seasons begin. You want to ensure that both your outside air conditioning unit and inside furnace get a thorough checkup to ensure you’ll make it through the cooling and heating season problem-free. Meanwhile, between visits, you can take the following steps to ensure your HVAC system continues to run like a top:

  • Check filters monthly and replace as needed
  • Take note of strange sounds or smells coming from your system and call for repairs
  • Check for water leaks
  • Call for service immediately if you smell gas
  • Vacuum around vents to ensure adequate airflow
  • Ensure your thermostat is working properly

If you notice any of these problems with your cooling and heating system, don’t sweat it. The pros at Solar Bear will come out in a jiffy to repair any problem so that you and your family stay comfortable in your home.

Don’t let a neglected furnace hit you in the wallet this winter. Call Solar Bear today at 305-863-1830 for complete HVAC maintenance services in Tampa and Jacksonville.

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“I used Solar Bear to replace my old unit for a brand new Lennox. The service was performed successfully, their staff was courteous…”

“Solar Bear and Ramon Jiron made my emergency ac install in rental property happen same day! After two much higher quotes…”

“My experience was great they are very professional and respective towards their customers. They explained everything to me and…”

“This company was uber professional. They wore booties and use tarps to make sure my home was protected. That really impressed me.”

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