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Energy Recovery Ventilators

One of the biggest problem any homeowner faces is the high cost of energy and the fact that, if you open a window or a door when your furnace or air conditioner is running, the cost increases further. As a result, you almost never get clean, fresh air to breathe in your home. Even with a high quality air cleaning system, air can get stale and stuffy and your home is not nearly as comfortable as it should be.

That is why Cool Air Mechanical highly recommends Miami energy recovery ventilator installation services for any home with high rated insulation and poor ventilation. These systems are perfect for exchanging indoor and outdoor air without it influencing your energy bill.

Energy Recover Ventilator Installation in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood areas

Before starting the Sunrise energy recover ventilator installation process, it’s good to know what these systems can do. An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is designed to exchange heat and humidity between indoor and outdoor air. When you turn on an ERV, it circulates indoor and outdoor air in a way that ensures heat produced by your furnace stays inside in the winter and cooling produced by your air conditioner stays inside in the summer.

Even better, an ERV in West Palm Beach keeps humidity levels steady by exchanging humidity between indoor and outdoor air as well. If you have a humidifier or dehumidifier running, this will limit the discomfort of waiting for new air to circulate.

The energy recovery ventilator installation process takes less than a day and ensures fully automated operation, so you do not need to worry about active maintenance or checking the system once it is running. Maintenance is minimal and repairs are rare if your HVAC contractor inspects it yearly with the rest of your system.

Miami and Sunrise Energy Recover Ventilator Repair

If something should happen to your Weston ERV and you require energy recovery ventilator repair services in Fort Lauderdale area, we are always available to inspect and repair your system. The most common symptom that you need repairs is an increase in your energy bill or a decrease in indoor air quality with no problems in the rest of your HVAC system. Simple repairs can be scheduled any time of the week and we have emergency repair staff on call 24/7 if a problem occurs that requires immediate inspection.

South Florida Energy Recover Ventilator Maintenance

Because an ERV immediately becomes so integral to the indoor air quality of your home and the proper ventilation of indoor air, it is important to have it inspected once a year with the rest of your IAQ and HVAC systems. We offer a full range of Miami energy recovery ventilator maintenance services designed to keep your system running in top condition and to ensure you never have to worry about low quality indoor air or a lack of ventilation.

If you live in the South Florida area and are interested in learning more about what an energy recovery ventilator in Miami or West Palm Beach can do for you, call Solar Bear. Our indoor air quality technicians are ready to discuss your options with you and ensure your indoor air is clean and affordable.

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“This company was uber professional. They wore booties and use tarps to make sure my home was protected. That really impressed me.”

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