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Coil Cleaning

Two sets of coils allow your air conditioner to operate properly. The evaporator coils and the condenser coils. One set of coils is responsible for radiating heat from the system after it has been absorbed from the air supply that is being cooled. The second set of coils is where the refrigerant is compressed.

When these coils get dirty, they are much less efficient at absorbing and releasing heat and can therefore reduce efficient operation of your home’s HVAC system. For your entire West Palm Beach coil cleaning needs, call Solar Bear today.

Greater Miami, Hollywood, and Weston Coil Cleaning

When the system is first installed, it is important that four to five feet of space be cleared around the outdoor condenser unit. This allows free air flow and reduces the amount of dust and debris that can build up in or around the device. If properly installed, issues with airflow and overheating become less common and annual checkups are usually sufficient to keep the system running properly.

The evaporator coils inside the house will need to be cleaned on a regular basis however, to ensure they work properly. Dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander are common indoor air components and can build up on your AC or heat pump coils just as easily as on your bookshelves. Even a very thin layer of dust can be a major issue for your coils.

Regular coil cleaning in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas is recommended with a dedicated cleaning performed every two years. If you have a heat pump that runs for most of the year, you should clean it much more often – possible as often as twice a year.

The Coil Cleaning Process

Professional cleaning utilizes an in–depth process that starts with industrial strength cleaners and brushes. We use mostly air and water delivered through high-pressure systems that can remove all of the dirt and dust on the coils. The coils are then wiped down a second time after the first wash to ensure they are completely clean and ready for use.

If your system is older or smaller or if it is cleaned more frequently, a brush cleaning may be used instead, this involves going over the entire coil system with a special coil brush to remove excess build up. The homeowner can perform this process as well, though we still recommend an annual visit from an air conditioning professional to remove the excess dirt and debris that builds up because of regular use.

Expert Coil Cleaning in West Palm Beach, Weston, Sunrise and Miami areas

If you have an air conditioner or heat pump and are ready to have someone take a closer look at the coils and ensure they are properly cleaned and don’t hinder operation of your HVAC system, contact Solar Bear. Our Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale coil-cleaning specialists can remove the excess build up from your system and ensure it is in good working order.

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